Sequence conservation within the mouse V1r superfamily. (a) Sequence logo of the 137 mouse V1rs with intact ORFs. This type of analysis provides the consensus sequence, the frequency of a given amino acid at a given position and the amount of information for a given position. Sequences were aligned with ClustalX. The figure depicts the alignment from the conserved glycine in TM1 to 4 residues downstream of the conserved proline in TM7. The 14 highly conserved residues are marked with asterisks on top. Green, black, red and blue colors represent, respectively, uncharged polar (except for glycine and cysteine), nonpolar, acidic and basic residues. (b) Localization of the 14 most conserved residues within a schematic diagram of a 7TM receptor: they reside mostly within putative transmembrane domains. (c) Sequence logos of the diagnostic signatures from the 12 families. The 5-aa sequence is localized 3 residues downstream of the conserved glutamine in TM1.

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