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Honoring DNA: An anniversary exhibit

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The New York Academy of Sciences is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Watson and Crick's discovery of DNA's structure with an art exhibit called "From Code to Commodity: Genetics and Visual Art." The show features thirteen artists who use genetic images and ideas in their work.

More and more artists are finding inspiration in molecular biology, says Suzanne Anker, who helped organize the show and chairs the Art History Department at New York's School of Visual Arts. The language of genetics and the social implications of genetics research are increasingly reflected in our visual culture, she adds.

Here are three works from the show, which runs through April 11 at the Academy's Gallery of Art and Science in Manhattan.

Olivia Parker. Torso on Blue, color photograph, 1998.
Kevin Clarke. Eight Pages from the Book of Michael Berger, Page 5, digital color print, 1999.
Frank Gillette. The Broken Code (for Luria), chronogenic print on aluminum, 2002.

Other artists in the exhibition are Ellen Levy, Bryan Crockett, Larry Miller, Natalie Jerejimenko, Helen and Kate Storey, Michael Rees, Suzanne Anker, Marcia Lyons, Frank Moore, and Steve Miller.

All images provided by NY Academy of Sciences

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