This is an image which displays three high density oligonucleotide arrays each of which has been hybridized to the complete fluorescently labeled genomes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (strain H37Rv), M. tuberculosis (strain OSH) and M. bovis (strain Danish 1331). The oligonucleotide probes on each of the arrays have been synthesized using the genome sequence of M.tuberculosis H37Rv and these probes interrogate all of the annotated open reading frames as well as the majority of the intergenic regions of the genome. Inserts enlarged within each array image highlights the same geomic region in which the is a deletion observed for M. tuberculosis (OSH) and M.bovis but not for the reference H37Rv strain. See Kato-Maeda,M., et al. Genome Res 11:547(2001).

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