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New money for Canadian genomics research


Mapping the potato genome and pharmacogenomic studies of the human immune system are among the projects to be funded by 98 million US dollars in new grants from the Canadian government. The funds will be distributed to 34 projects by Genome Canada, a not-for-profit organization founded two years ago to support genomics research in Canada. Most of the projects will receive parallel grants from Canadian provinces.

The goal is to support large-scale projects and technology platforms with applications in health, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and the environment along with studies of the ethical, social and legal aspects of genomics, according to Martin Godbout, president and chief executive of Genome Canada. His organization has distributed about 200 million US dollars for research in the last two years.

The funding will help the Canadian Potato Genome Project, which aims to identify the key genes responsible for the health and quality of potato crops. With about 2.5 million US dollars in grants, the project's network of scientists at universities and research institutes plans to identify and map about 10,000 potato genes.

Another major project, involving a consortium of Canadian and US researchers, will use functional genomics, pharmacogenomics, and proteomics to examine disorders of the human immune system. Yet another Canadian initiative, in conjunction with the US National Cancer Institute, aims to create a comprehensive atlas of gene expression in mouse development.

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