Rabbits born from somatic nuclear transfer. (A) Cloned rabbit 0107 with corresponding controls: (A1) expression of the EGFP protein fluorescence (arrowhead) detected by confocal microscopy from hair follicles obtained from an ear biopsy at 1 month of age; (A2) the same under transmission light; (A3) amplifications of the EGFP transgene (PCR 2) and of the exon 10 of the CFTR gene used as DNA quality control (PCR 1) with expected fragment sizes of 240 bp for the CFTR gene and 350 bp for the EGFP transgene. This confirms that rabbit 0107 and its littermate 107b (who died 1 day after birth) were derived from the donor cumulus cell. (B1, B2) Three other rabbits from two different litters; rabbits in B1 have now proved to be fertile.

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