Whole-cell currents from 293 cells transiently transfected with different bestrophin cDNAs. (a) Averaged and normalized current-voltage (I-V) relations for hBest1 (n = 16 cells), ceBest1 (n = 7), dmBest1 (n = 7), and hBest2 (n = 7); error bars indicate standard deviation (SD). For each bestrophin, the I-V curves for each cell were normalized to a value of -1.0 at -150 mV before averaging was done. Recordings were performed with standard extracellular and pipette solutions. Insets show sample current traces produced by 320-ms voltage steps from a holding potential of -50 mV to voltages between -150 and -80 mV in 10-mV increments. Current amplitudes at the end of the voltage steps were used for I-V plots. Open symbols in a Left show the averaged I-V relation from 11control EGFP-transfected cells, after scaling it at -150mV in proportion to the average hBest1 current; the SDs for the control cells are too small to be discernible. (b) Current amplitudes +/-SD at -150mV for the cells in a. The wide variation in the currents recorded from individual cells presumably reflects variation in plasmid uptake and level of bestrophin production in transiently transfected cells.

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