Circular representation of the Streptomyces coelicolor chromosome. The outer scale is numbered anticlockwise (to correspond with the previously published map) in megabases and indicates the core (dark blue) and arm (light blue) regions of the chromosome. Circles 1 and 2 (from the outside in), all genes (reverse and forward strand, respectively) colour-coded by function (black, energy metabolism; red, information transfer and secondary metabolism; dark green, surface associated; cyan, degradation of large molecules; magenta, degradation of small molecules; yellow, central or intermediary metabolism; pale blue, regulators; orange, conserved hypothetical; brown, pseudogenes; pale green, unknown; grey, miscellaneous); circle 3, selected 'essential' genes (for cell division, DNA replication, transcription, translation and amino-acid biosynthesis, colour coding as for circles 1 and 2); circle 4, selected 'contingency' genes (red, secondary metabolism; pale blue, exoenzymes; dark blue, conservon; green, gas vesicle proteins); circle 5, mobile elements (brown, transposases; orange, putative laterally acquired genes); circle 6, G + C content; circle 7, GC bias ((G - C/G +C), khaki indicates values >1, purple,<1). The origin of replication (Ori) and terminal protein (blue circles) are also indicated.

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