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From the double helix to spiral galaxies, Jonathan Feldschuh paints the very small and the very large. He finds inspiration in the fractal forms of nature, creating swirling chaotic images with layers of flowing acrylic paint.

The ‘very small’ is depicted in Feldschuh’s DNA paintings, which are part of a larger series of works based on scientific pictures. To create the paintings, the American artist used computer images that he manipulated and then drew onto canvas.

Jonathan Feldschuh. Denatured, acrylic on canvas over panel, 36" x 32", 2001.
Jonathan Feldschuh. big DNA, acrylic on canvas over panel, 57" x 48", 2002.

The ‘very large’ is expressed by paintings of the universe, hurricanes, whirlpool galaxies, and nebulas, which are often based on satellite images.

Feldschuh applies his “process” to the images, with two main transformations. “I alter the colors (which are usually subjective anyway), and I allow the liquid qualities of the paint to create new forms below the pixel scale of the original image,” says the artist, who has a background in physics.

Jonathan Feldschuh. Nebula M1-67, acrylic on canvas over panel, 36" x 36", 2001.
Jonathan Feldschuh. Whirlpool, acrylic on canvas over panel, 57" x 48", 2002.

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