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Hot Topics of 2002

1-Gene Chips and Medicine

What Gene Chips Can Do

Large-scale genetic changes drive breast cancer

Gene chips reveal changes in the hearts of gym rats

Risk index: Fifty genes that matter in lung cancer

2-Sequenced Genomes

A Quick Guide to Sequenced Genomes

To Make a Vaccine, First Sequence a Genome

The Parasite and the Mosquito

Mouse in the House

Humans and Mice Together at Last

Two Groups Sequence Rice


Who is that doggy in the window?
Scientists trace the origin of dogs

Putting their best paw foreward
Scientists make the case for sequencing the dog genome

Review of Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution

Canine Epilepsy Project seeks dog DNA via the Web

Dogs and humans share genetic mutations for eye disease retinitis pigmentosa

4-The Human Genome

Inside human cells, HIV often resides in active genes

Double trouble: Real duplications in the human genome

Coffee cups and DNA

The Other Human Genome

Review Mapping Human History

RNA study finds activity in 'silent' regions of human genome

Icelandic gene map benefits the world

Mapping similarities between humans and chimpanzees


Florida anthrax bacterium sequenced

Potential bioweapon, Brucella suis, is sequenced

Viral protein stops anthrax in its tracks

Review of The Cobra Event

Sequencing Brucella melitensis, an obscure candidate for biological warfare

6-Gene silencing

Silencing Genes in HIV

Scientists shut down genes in poliovirus and HIV in cell cultures

Scientists use gene silencing to block hepatitis C virus in mice

7-Energy & Environment

In Boston Harbor, microbes clean up

Metal-eating microbe Geobacter metallireducens swims

Cleaning Up Arsenic

Microbe that breaks down metals, S. oneidensis, is sequenced

Helping microbes battle pollutants

Light-harvesting bacterium C. tepidum is sequenced

Key player in global warming: M. acetivorans is sequenced

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