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Meaningless sex: Hens eject sperm; roosters are clueless

Female impersonators of the insect world

Sex in the reef: How to tell coral species apart

Birth control for cockroaches

Scents and Pheromones

Female crickets avoid costs of inbreeding by mating with multiple males

2-Amazing feats

High pressure: Bacteria survive inside diamond anvil

Scientists snare bear hair for DNA analysis

Super fibers: Spinning spider webs without spiders

Crystalline ice plants

The first genome sequenced by a graduate student

Life on the Inside

3-Calling all kooky creatures

In South Africa, the Quagga Project Breeds Success

Wigglesworthia wiggles into the world of sequenced genomes

African frog jumps ahead: Xenopus tropicalis to be sequenced

A lean model genome: The Japanese pufferfish is sequenced

Transgenic bunny by Eduardo Kac


Cloned Mice Have Genomic Flaws

Endangered wild sheep clone reported to be healthy

Modified cloning strategy succeeds with rabbits

'Cc:' The first cloned kitten


The first sequenced extremophile

Without oxygen, microbes make a living off methane in Black Sea

The world's toughest bacterium

Methane-producing microbes dominate in hot spring

Sulfolobus tokodaii: A genome from Japan

Discovery of undersea creature leads to new archaeal phylum

6-Genetic traits: Sleep, sound and shyness

Awake All Night

Recipes for Perfection

Is there a gene for shyness?

Beyond Insomnia: Strategies of circadian genomics



Moth DNA sequenced for potential insecticide targets

makes caterpillars floppy gene kills insects

Inside insects, life is unchanged for 50 million years

Expression of foraging gene associated with changes in bee behavior

8-A healthy dose of fiber

The Redwood Genome

A gene for curvaceous cuisine

The onion's tearful enzyme

Anti-cancer trigger revealed in brocolli

Banana genome in five years

9-Handsome hooves

The Legacy of Solid Gold

Rethinking imprinting

Images of Imprinting

All the Pretty Horses

Impressive's Flaw

Mapping the Horse

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