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Deer Tick Genome to Be Sequenced (17 Sep 2004)
Three Years after the Anthrax Letters, Are We Safer? (17 Sep 2004)
Information on Pathogens Should Flow Freely, Report Says (10 Sep 2004)
Deaths Blamed on Mysterious Microbe with Anthrax Genes (4 Jun 2004)
Deadly Human Parasite Sequenced (2 Apr 2004)
New Approaches Speed Ebola Vaccine Development (19 Mar 2004)
Anthrax Spores: What Makes Them Tick? (Dec 2003)
DNA Vaccine for Ebola Enters Safety Trial (Nov 2003)
Biodefense Grant Funds Study of Salmonella Genomes (Oct 2003)
New Company to Make Drugs from Plants (Oct 2003)
NIH Distributes Biodefense Funds (Oct 2003)
One-Two Punch: Vaccine Protects Mice Against Anthrax (Sep 2003)
Potential Bioweapon: Q Fever Genome Is Sequenced (May 2003)
Anthrax Genome Compared to Related Bacteria (May 2003)
Dark Biology (Mar 2003)
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