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Potential bioweapon, Brucella suis, is sequenced (Sep 2002)
Viral protein stops anthrax in its tracks (Aug 2002)
For the first time, scientists create a virus using only its genome sequence (Jul 2002)
New method for screening potential anthrax drugs (May 2002)
Florida Anthrax Bacterium Sequenced (May 2002)
Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War (Apr 2002)
The Cobra Event (Feb 2002)
Structure of the third deadly anthrax protein (Feb 2002)
Sequencing Brucella melitensis, an obscure candidate for biological warfare (Jan 2002)
Two sequenced Salmonella genomes (Oct 2001)
Structures and targets of the anthrax bacterium (Oct 2001)
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