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Breast Cancer
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Large-scale genetic changes drive breast cancer (Sep 2002)
Breast cancer susceptibility genes: Overstating the risk? (Sep 2002)
Breast cancer gene repairs damaged DNA (Sep 2002)
Scientists map unstable region of chromosome 11 linked to tumors (Aug 2002)
Breast cancer gene linked to rare childhood anemia (Jun 2002)
Using molecular tools to diagnose cancer (Dec 2001)
A SNP in the prohibitin gene may modify breast cancer susceptibility (May 2001)
Mapping a cancer hotspot in the rat genome (Apr 2001)
Maspin gene as a marker for breast cancer relapse (Nov 2000)
Risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women with ancient mutations (Oct 2000)
Closing in on a new gene for breast cancer (Sep 2000)
Detecting mutations (Sep 2000)
Mutation associated with decreased breast cancer risk for women under 50 (May 2000)
A mutation in the ATM gene may increase the risk of breast cancer (Mar 2000)
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