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Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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Young Mice on Prozac Turn into Anxious Adults (28 Oct 2004)
Depression May Alter Genes that Protect Neurons (15 Oct 2004)
Gene Controls Serotonin, a Key to Good Moods (8 Jul 2004)
Genome Influences Effects of Antidepressants (Oct 2003)
New Institute to Create Gene Atlas of the Brain (Sep 2003)
Gene Variant Protects Against Depression (Jul 2003)
Bipolar Disorder: Expanded Search for Genes Finds Clues (Jun 2003)
Hunting for bipolar genes in patients who respond to lithium (Aug 2001)
Serotonin and the seasons (Mar 2001)
Region of chromosome 22 linked to bipolar disorder, again (Feb 2001)
Tracing behavior to the brain (Aug 2000)
Riches of the Brain Bank (Jun 2000)
Combining register data with genetic analyses for research on mental illness (Jun 2000)
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