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In the Elderly, a Link between Diabetes and Heart Disease (3 Sep 2004)
Diabetes Campaign Targets Native Americans, Alaska Natives (19 Aug 2004)
Gene Affects Response to Widely Used Diabetes Drugs (23 Jul 2004)
Gene is Risk Factor for Type 1 Diabetes (23 Jul 2004)
Eat Less, Live Longer? (9 Jul 2004)
Gene Defect Causes Rare Form of Diabetes (27 May 2004)
Protein Could Lead to Diabetes Treatments (14 May 2004)
Researchers Discover Unexpected Source of Insulin-Producing Cells (7 May 2004)
Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Discovered (2 Apr 2004)
Stem Cells Reverse Diabetes in Mice (Jul 2003)
Colorful insights into the retina (Jun 2002)
The Other Human Genome (Apr 2002)
Genome scans for type 2 diabetes confirm potential hotspot (Aug 2001)
Gene therapy rescues nerve degeneration in diabetic rats and rabbits (May 2001)
New gene linked to juvenile diabetes (Feb 2001)
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