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Heart Disease and Hypertension
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Defective Gene in Mitochondria Linked to Heart Disease (28 Oct 2004)
Timothy Syndrome Is Caused by Defective Calcium Channels (15 Oct 2004)
In the Elderly, a Link between Diabetes and Heart Disease (3 Sep 2004)
Physicians Recommend Gene Test for Families with Hypertension (23 Jul 2004)
Heart Drug May Help Children Treated for Leukemia (9 Jul 2004)
Eat Less, Live Longer? (9 Jul 2004)
Gene May Affect Response to Cholesterol-lowering Drug (17 Jun 2004)
Gene Variant Protects against Heart Attack and Stroke (14 May 2004)
Bone Marrow Stem Cell Trial Approved for Heart Patients (16 Apr 2004)
Gene Mutation and Stress Linked to Heart Failure (16 Apr 2004)
Estrogen receptor glitch tied to cardiovascular disease in men (Nov 2003)
Frustrating Search for Hypertension Genes Continues (Jul 2003)
Stem Cell Therapies: Time to Step Back or Forge Ahead? (May 2003)
Bone Marrow Stem Cells Heal the Heart (May 2003)
Heart Disease: Iron in the Arteries (Apr 2003)
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