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Heart Disease and Hypertension
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Mechanical Heart Pump Alters Gene Activity (Apr 2003)
A town weighs in for obesity researchers (Nov 2002)
Gene chips reveal changes in the hearts of gym rats (Nov 2002)
Congenital heart disease may be inherited after all (Nov 2002)
Baboon genome points to cholesterol genes in humans (Nov 2002)
Helping hamster hearts with a therapeutic gene (Aug 2002)
Gene variant linked to arrhythmia in African Americans (Aug 2002)
A major risk factor for severe obesity in women (Jun 2002)
Gene variants linked to inherited forms of hypertension (Mar 2002)
Sardinia attracts scientists to study aging (Feb 2002)
Stress worsens stroke outcome by affecting gene expression (Sep 2001)
Catalase SNP linked to blood pressure (Aug 2001)
Trafficking in Cholesterol: Investigating the Human ABCA1 Gene (Jul 2001)
Study shows thrombomodulin variation associated with increased risk for heart disease in African Americans (May 2001)
Microarrays reveal differences among types of primary pulmonary hypertension (May 2001)
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