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Heart Disease and Hypertension
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Variant of the angiotensin II type 2 receptor gene alters heart structure (Apr 2001)
cSNP analysis of the ABCA1 gene: Common variant lowers riskfor coronary artery disease (Mar 2001)
Mutation in the SCN5A sodium-channel gene slows heart rate (Feb 2001)
Genomics of salt-induced hypertension (Feb 2001)
Genes that respond to fatty diet may portend obesity (Feb 2001)
New platelet receptor identified (Jan 2001)
Researchers identify polymorphisms that influence homocysteine levels (Jan 2001)
Investigating cholesterol (Jan 2001)
A Fatal Flaw in the Hearts of Children (Jan 2001)
Gene therapy successfully treats arrhythmia in pig hearts (Dec 2000)
Estrogen and heart disease in women (Dec 2000)
An unlikely suspect (Nov 2000)
New protein senses salt balance in vertebrates (Nov 2000)
Gene therapy for hibernating hearts (Sep 2000)
Researchers reveal cholesterol control mechanisms (Sep 2000)
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