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Eat Less, Live Longer? (9 Jul 2004)
Leptin, the Appetite Hormone, Rewires the Brain (16 Apr 2004)
Human Obesity Gene Map Expands (Jun 2003)
Humans and worms share genes involved in storing fat (Jan 2003)
The Hungry Gene (Jan 2003)
A town weighs in for obesity researchers (Nov 2002)
Good food, good health (Nov 2002)
Genetic link to drug-related weight gain (Jul 2002)
A major risk factor for severe obesity in women (Jun 2002)
SNPs in the IGF2 gene are associated with body weight in adults (Jul 2001)
Variant of agouti-related protein linked to anorexia nervosa (May 2001)
Genes that respond to fatty diet may portend obesity (Feb 2001)
Resisting insulin (Jan 2001)
Genes, Mother’s Milk and Diabesity (Jan 2001)
Deficiency in taste buds leaves mice craving sweets (Sep 2000)
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