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New Institute to Create Gene Atlas of the Brain (Sep 2003)
Gene Variation Affects Memory (Aug 2003)
Gene that keeps nerve endings from ‘blossoming’ linked to schizophrenia (Nov 2002)
Genetic link to drug-related weight gain (Jul 2002)
Two studies on schizophrenia and motion perception (Dec 2001)
The amount of gray matter matters (Nov 2001)
Men have biological clocks too (Apr 2001)
New Clues: Could Viruses or Myelin, the Fatty Insulation Surrounding Nerves, Play a Role in Schizophrenia? (Apr 2001)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and mental illness (Jan 2001)
A Theory of Schizophrenia, Viruses and Pregnancy (Dec 2000)
Tracing behavior to the brain (Aug 2000)
Riches of the Brain Bank (Jun 2000)
The gene responsible for social memory (Jun 2000)
Combining register data with genetic analyses for research on mental illness (Jun 2000)
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