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Drug Development
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One-Two Punch: Vaccine Protects Mice Against Anthrax (Sep 2003)
Why Hepatitis Drug Works for Some People (May 2003)
Mobile DNA: Genomic Studies Illuminate Antibiotic Resistance (Apr 2003)
Mutant Bacteria and the Failure of Antibiotics (Apr 2003)
DNA Vaccine Starves Tumors in Mice (Nov 2002)
To Make a Vaccine, First Sequence a Genome (Sep 2002)
Genetic link to drug-related weight gain (Jul 2002)
Resistant bacterium modifies its genome to cause infection (Jun 2002)
Medicinal microbe Streptomyces coelicolor is sequenced (May 2002)
Novel screen for antibiotics uses bacteria near death (May 2002)
US strep outbreak involves drug-resistant bacteria (Apr 2002)
Two new anti-herpes drugs tested (Apr 2002)
Antibiotics from a microbe (Dec 2001)
Targeted drug discovery (Oct 2001)
Transgenic white clover as oral vaccine against shipping fever (Sep 2001)
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