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Drug Development
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Gene Controls Serotonin, a Key to Good Moods (8 Jul 2004)
Trojan Horse Delivers Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier (Dec 2003)
FDA Seeks Genomic Data from Drug Companies (Nov 2003)
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Restore Neuron Growth in the Brain (Nov 2003)
How Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Help in Alzheimer’s, If They Do (Nov 2003)
New Company to Make Drugs from Plants (Oct 2003)
One-Two Punch: Vaccine Protects Mice Against Anthrax (Sep 2003)
Why Hepatitis Drug Works for Some People (May 2003)
Genetic link to drug-related weight gain (Jul 2002)
Two new anti-herpes drugs tested (Apr 2002)
Targeted drug discovery (Oct 2001)
New assay identifies SNPs in the MDR1 gene: implications for individualized drug therapies (May 2001)
Sequence of the human CYP3A locus: Genetic variability and drug responsiveness (Apr 2001)
Target genes for antifungal drugs (Mar 2001)
Mosaic blood vessels: Implications for drug delivery, metastasis and cancer therapy (Jan 2001)
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