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Iron Mountain’s Champion Extremophiles (6 Feb 2004)
Military Microbes: Scientists Recruit Bacteria for Missile Research (23 Jan 2004)
Super Microbe Cleans Up Uranium (Dec 2003)
Synthetic Genome Has Potential Value for Energy and Environment (Nov 2003)
Bacterial Batteries Yield Sweet Success (Sep 2003)
World’s Hottest Microbe: Loving Life in Hell (Aug 2003)
Another Minimal Genome: Microbe Needs Just 271 Genes (Apr 2003)
Without oxygen, microbes make a living off methane in Black Sea (Aug 2002)
New funding bolsters “Genomes to Life” (Aug 2002)
Light-harvesting bacterium C. tepidum is sequenced (Jul 2002)
Key player in global warming: M. acetivorans is sequenced (Apr 2002)
Metal-eating microbe Geobacter metallireducens swims (Apr 2002)
Marine Microbes (Mar 2002)
Tree genome sequence in eighteen months (Feb 2002)
The First Sequenced Extremophile (Feb 2002)
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