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Extremophiles are hardy organisms that live in extreme environments, such as ice in Antarctica, Chilean deserts, and thermal vents deep in the ocean. Most extremophiles are microorganisms, but a few species of plants and animals, including certain worms and snails, endure extremely harsh conditions. Below is news about these fascinating creatures.

Yellowstone Microbe Cleans Up Wastewater
(28 Oct 2004)
A Fight about the Toughest Microbe on Earth
(15 Oct 2004)
A Talk with Microbe Hunter Karl Stetter
(1 Oct 2004)
Extreme Meeting
Notes from the 2004 International Conference on Extremophiles (1 Oct 2004)
On the Ocean Floor, Extreme Worms Eat Whale Bones
(29 Jul 2004)
Life Found Inside a Glacier
(10 Jun 2004)
Hip Hair from a Hot Microbe
(16 Apr 2004)
Money and Microbes in Antarctica
(20 Feb 2004)
Iron Mountainís Champion Extremophiles
(6 Feb 2004)
Super Microbe Cleans Up Uranium
(Dec 2003)
Extreme Snails with Scaly Feet
(Nov 2003)
Radiation-Resistant Microbe Found in Chilean Desert
(Nov 2003)
Genome of Undersea Microbe Surfaces
(Oct 2003)
Bacterial Batteries Yield Sweet Success
(Sep 2003)
Extreme Sunflowers
(Aug 2003)
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