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On the Ocean Floor, Extreme Worms Eat Whale Bones (29 Jul 2004)
Most Red Snapper Is Not Red Snapper (15 Jul 2004)
Mantis Shrimp (30 Apr 2004)
Exploring the Sargasso Sea (4 Mar 2004)
Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Glows from Below (9 Jan 2004)
How Sea Slugs Make Memories (9 Jan 2004)
How the Other Half Lives: Marine Microbes Capture the Limelight (Sep 2003)
The Small Red Pear of the Sea (Jul 2003)
Extremophiles, Antarctica, and Extraterrestrial Life (Jul 2003)
Sea squirt spouts its genome (Jan 2003)
Japanese extremophile, O. iheyensis, from the deep sea (Oct 2002)
Without oxygen, microbes make a living off methane in Black Sea (Aug 2002)
Sex in the reef: How to tell coral species apart (Jun 2002)
Discovery of undersea creature leads to new archaeal phylum (May 2002)
Nanoarchaeota: New life under the sea (May 2002)
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