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Toxic Cleanup (Bioremediation)
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Yellowstone Microbe Cleans Up Wastewater (28 Oct 2004)
A Fight about the Toughest Microbe on Earth (15 Oct 2004)
Ferns Remove Arsenic from Soil and Water (6 Aug 2004)
Seaweed Cleans Up (23 Jul 2004)
Got a Toxic Mess? Call in the Microbes (2 Apr 2004)
Iron Mountain’s Champion Extremophiles (6 Feb 2004)
Super Microbe Cleans Up Uranium (Dec 2003)
Synthetic Genome Has Potential Value for Energy and Environment (Nov 2003)
Microbe Munches Coal Pollutants (Oct 2003)
Bacterial Batteries Yield Sweet Success (Sep 2003)
World’s Hottest Microbe: Loving Life in Hell (Aug 2003)
Poplar Trees: Getting to the Roots of Carbon Storage (Jul 2003)
Another Minimal Genome: Microbe Needs Just 271 Genes (Apr 2003)
Versatile soil-dwelling microbe is mapped (Jan 2003)
Metal on the menu (Jan 2003)
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