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Respecting the Village Dog (Jun 2002)
Sequencing priorities (Jun 2002)
Awake All Night (May 2002)
Expression of foraging gene associated with changes in bee behavior (May 2002)
Dogs and humans share gene mutations for eye disease retinitis pigmentosa (May 2002)
Moth DNA sequenced for potential insecticide targets (Apr 2002)
Gene chips detect differences in human and chimpanzee brains (Apr 2002)
Aggression studies reveal the existence of ant supercolonies (Apr 2002)
Super fibers: Spinning spider webs without spiders (Mar 2002)
Leaf-eating monkey shows gene theory in action (Mar 2002)
Canine Epilepsy Project seeks dog DNA via the Web (Mar 2002)
Mapping similarities between humans and chimpanzees (Jan 2002)
Female crickets avoid costs of inbreeding by mating with multiple males (Jan 2002)
Cody Bear and New York City's Faithful (Nov 2001)
Mapping the Dog (Nov 2001)
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