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Dog Genome Debuts Online (14 Jul 2004)
Brainy Border Collie Knows 200 Words (10 Jun 2004)
Purebred Dogs Have Their Own Genes (20 May 2004)
Dog Genome Points to New Sequencing Strategy (Sep 2003)
Boxer Genome Is Best in Show (May 2003)
Who is that doggy in the window? (Nov 2002)
The dog, the cow, and a hairy protozoan (Sep 2002)
Putting their best paw forward (Aug 2002)
Respecting the Village Dog (Jun 2002)
Dogs and humans share gene mutations for eye disease retinitis pigmentosa (May 2002)
Canine Epilepsy Project seeks dog DNA via the Web (Mar 2002)
Cody Bear and New York City's Faithful (Nov 2001)
Mapping the Dog (Nov 2001)
Gene therapy restores vision in blind dogs (Apr 2001)
Genetic Testing for Dogs (Jul 2000)
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