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Honeybee Genome Buzzes Online (9 Jan 2004)
First Beetle to Have Its Genome Sequenced (Dec 2003)
Life Inside Carpenter Ants (Aug 2003)
Genes Play Role in Ant Social Status (Jul 2003)
The Queen Bee’s Allure (Apr 2003)
Female impersonators of the insect world (Nov 2002)
makes caterpillars floppy gene kills insects (Aug 2002)
Inside insects, life is unchanged for 50 million years (Jul 2002)
Sequencing priorities (Jun 2002)
Awake All Night (May 2002)
Expression of foraging gene associated with changes in bee behavior (May 2002)
Moth DNA sequenced for potential insecticide targets (Apr 2002)
Aggression studies reveal the existence of ant supercolonies (Apr 2002)
Super fibers: Spinning spider webs without spiders (Mar 2002)
Female crickets avoid costs of inbreeding by mating with multiple males (Jan 2002)
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