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Mice and Rats
Comparative Genomics
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Humans and worms share genes involved in storing fat (Jan 2003)
Mouse in the House (Dec 2002)
Baboon genome points to cholesterol genes in humans (Nov 2002)
A Nobel worm (Oct 2002)
Revelations about the mouse genome (Oct 2002)
Pufferfish genome reveals nearly a thousand potentially new human genes (Aug 2002)
African frog jumps ahead: Xenopus tropicalis to be sequenced (Aug 2002)
In yeast, tackling the problem of too many unknown genes (Jul 2002)
First of six chromosomes sequenced in Dictyostelium discoideum (Jul 2002)
A new mouse for studying baldness and how wounds heal (Jun 2002)
Sequencing priorities (Jun 2002)
Mouse genome sequenced (yet again) (May 2002)
Humans and Mice Together at Last (May 2002)
Gene chips detect differences in human and chimpanzee brains (Apr 2002)
Schizosaccharomyces pombe: Second yeast genome sequenced (Mar 2002)
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