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Mice and Rats
Comparative Genomics
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Leaf-eating monkey shows gene theory in action (Mar 2002)
Scents and Pheromones (Feb 2002)
Mapping similarities between humans and chimpanzees (Jan 2002)
Overlooked: 137 new yeast genes revealed (Jan 2002)
Discovering DNA repair genes in C. elegans (Jan 2002)
A new map of SNPs in the fly (Dec 2001)
SNP survey finds surprising similarity in humans worldwide (Dec 2001)
A lean model genome: The Japanese pufferfish is sequenced (Nov 2001)
A reference for the human genome: The Tetraodon pufferfish sequence (Nov 2001)
What's missing: New software analyzes genomes (Oct 2001)
Mountains of data: A three-dimensional C. elegans gene expression map (Sep 2001)
Building a Better Gene Trap (Aug 2001)
Out of the loop: New evidence for the complexity of biological clocks in mice (Jul 2001)
The Homophila Database: Screening the Fly Genome for Human Disease Genes (Jun 2001)
New framework map of the rat genome (Apr 2001)
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