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Mice and Rats
Comparative Genomics
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The α globin gene cluster (Mar 2001)
The Fly’s Sensational Sequence (Mar 2001)
Don't despair. You have at least twice as many genes as a fruit fly. (Feb 2001)
Sizing up genomes: Amoeba is king (Feb 2001)
The metabolome provides clues to gene function (Jan 2001)
Introducing ANDi: The first genetically modified monkey (Jan 2001)
Snipping away at wild worms (Dec 2000)
Knocking out 19,000 worm genes, one by one (Nov 2000)
Gene hunting in the eye of the fly (Nov 2000)
Neurospora genome to be sequenced thanks to grant from
National Science Foundation
(Oct 2000)
Nerve rescuers (Sep 2000)
Mapping the Most Primal Sense (Aug 2000)
A leap in gene function discovery (Aug 2000)
The Pufferfish (Jun 2000)
Island mice may evolve faster: From one species to six (Apr 2000)
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