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Comparative Genomics
Mice and Rats
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Cystic Fibrosis Mouse May Open Door to New Therapies (30 Apr 2004)
World’s First Knockout Rats (May 2003)
Mouse in the House (Dec 2002)
Revelations about the mouse genome (Oct 2002)
A new mouse for studying baldness and how wounds heal (Jun 2002)
Mouse genome sequenced (yet again) (May 2002)
Humans and Mice Together at Last (May 2002)
Scents and Pheromones (Feb 2002)
Building a Better Gene Trap (Aug 2001)
Out of the loop: New evidence for the complexity of biological clocks in mice (Jul 2001)
New framework map of the rat genome (Apr 2001)
Nerve rescuers (Sep 2000)
Island mice may evolve faster: From one species to six (Apr 2000)
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