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Three Years after the Anthrax Letters, Are We Safer? (17 Sep 2004)
Out of Africa: The Origin of Donkeys (17 Jun 2004)
Chimp and Human Chromosomes Are Compared (27 May 2004)
In Pre-Humans, Weaker Jaw Muscle, Bigger Brain (25 Mar 2004)
Baker’s Yeast and Fungus Provide Clues to Evolution (19 Mar 2004)
Spotting the Fakes: 20,000 Human “Pseudogenes” (9 Jan 2004)
Mammals Have More than Genes in Common (Oct 2003)
Clan Mothers and Ancient Travelers (Jul 2002)
Similar patterns of genetic variation present in diverse populations (May 2002)
A genetic map of the three-spined stickleback (Jan 2002)
Mammalian genomes are mutating at similar rates, study finds (Jan 2002)
New map of the zebrafish genome (Dec 2001)
Evolutionary forces in the human and mouse genomes (Jul 2001)
Setting the Record Straight (Jun 2001)
No evidence for the ‘horizontal’ transfer of genes from bacteria to humans (Jun 2001)
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