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Personalized Medicine in Cancer: Matching Patients and Drugs (28 Oct 2004)
Panel Urges States to Screen Newborns for 30 Disorders (1 Oct 2004)
Experimental Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer (19 Aug 2004)
Genomics in Amish Country (23 Jul 2004)
Physicians Recommend Gene Test for Families with Hypertension (23 Jul 2004)
Gene Test Traces a Polio Epidemic in the Making (1 Jul 2004)
Blood Test for Head and Neck Cancers (20 Feb 2004)
The Success Story of Gene Tests (Aug 2001)
Test Case for Genetic Testing (Mar 2001)
Many Questions, Multiple Choices (Jan 2001)
Detecting mutations (Sep 2000)
Round two on genetic testing (May 2000)
Genetic testing for bipolar disorder (May 2000)
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