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Genes and Genomes
“What’s a Genome?”
Human Genome
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Fewer Genes in “Finished” Human Genome Sequence (28 Oct 2004)
Mouse Study Says Down Syndrome Is Genetically Complex (28 Oct 2004)
The Human Genome Sequence Measures Up (19 Aug 2004)
Large-Scale Differences Discovered in DNA of Healthy People (6 Aug 2004)
Strong Boy Could Benefit Research on Muscular Dystrophy (24 Jun 2004)
Celera Human Genome Sequence Will Be Public (6 Feb 2004)
Spotting the Fakes: 20,000 Human “Pseudogenes” (9 Jan 2004)
New Database Provides Quick Window into Protein-Protein Interaction (Oct 2003)
Mammals Have More than Genes in Common (Oct 2003)
Unusual Mutation Leads to Extra Immune Genes (Oct 2003)
DNA Melting Map: Finding Rare Mutations for Common Diseases (May 2003)
“Junk DNA” Creates Novel Proteins (May 2003)
A thousand new human genes (Feb 2003)
Pufferfish genome reveals nearly a thousand potentially new human genes (Aug 2002)
Double trouble: Real duplications in the human genome (Aug 2002)
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