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Sex and Reproduction
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Battle of the Sex Chromosomes (Dec 2003)
Sperm Need Calcium Kick to Succeed (Dec 2003)
Laying Odds on Hens, Roosters Gamble their Genes (Nov 2003)
Why Some Male Flies Don’t Mate (Sep 2003)
Love Stories (Sep 2003)
Plant Sex: Pollen Tubes Caught in the Act (Jul 2003)
Sex and “The Y” (Jun 2003)
Between Genders (May 2003)
The Queen Bee’s Allure (Apr 2003)
Ranging bull (Feb 2003)
Female impersonators of the insect world (Nov 2002)
Sex drive and aggression linked to pheromone receptor genes in mice (Sep 2002)
Sex in the reef: How to tell coral species apart (Jun 2002)
Female crickets avoid costs of inbreeding by mating with multiple males (Jan 2002)
Estrogen in the male brain (Jan 2001)
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