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Personalized Medicine
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Medicine may never truly be personal in the sense that drugs are made for individuals, but the stories on this page are about researchers who are starting to use genetic information to identify groups of patients that stand to benefit from taking one drug over another, an approach that’s been called personalized, or targeted, medicine.

Personalized Medicine in Cancer: Matching Patients and Drugs (28 Oct 2004)
Smokers with Gene Mutation Risk Rheumatoid Arthritis (15 Oct 2004)
New Drugs for Alzheimer’s May Work for Leukemia (7 Oct 2004)
Breast Cancer Drug Could Work for Some Lung Cancers (1 Oct 2004)
For Some Ex-Smokers, Drug May Help Keep Pounds Off (17 Sep 2004)
MRIs Recommended for Women with Breast Cancer Gene Mutations (14 Sep 2004)
Drugs Target Lung Cancer in Some Non-Smokers (3 Sep 2004)
DNA Mutations Help Lung Cancer Drug Work (29 Jul 2004)
Gene May Affect Response to Cholesterol-lowering Drug (17 Jun 2004)
Predicting Resistance to the Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen (10 Jun 2004)
Why a Lung Cancer Drug Works So Well for Some People (29 Apr 2004)
Why Hepatitis Drug Works for Some People (May 2003)
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