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Using E. coli gene arrays to explore genome of the tsetse fly microbe Wigglesworthia glossinidia (Jun 2001)
DNA microarrays used to investigate how proteins bind DNA (Jun 2001)
Classifying cancers with DNA microarrays and artificial neural networks (Jun 2001)
Identifying disease-causing nonsense mutations throughout the genome (May 2001)
Microarrays reveal differences among types of primary pulmonary hypertension (May 2001)
Researchers annotate mouse microarray used in studies of early development (May 2001)
Transforming a bacterial protein into a zinc ‘biosensor’ (Apr 2001)
Microarrays reveal patterns of Y chromosome variation (Apr 2001)
Snapshots of Genomic Evolution (Apr 2001)
Toward global gene expression profiles: The RIKEN ‘19K’ mouse arrays (Mar 2001)
Microarrays identify strain-specific features of Helicobacter pylori that influence stomach inflammation (Mar 2001)
Scientists use targeted methylation and microarrays to map locations of DNA binding proteins (Mar 2001)
Another use for jellyfish gene (Jan 2001)
Picturing the Fertile Genome (Dec 2000)
Progress on cancer gene chip with prognostic potential (Dec 2000)
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