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Genomics is News. It is often hyped. It can be difficult to understand. Sometimes it raises more questions than it can yet answer. But its importance to biology and medicine cannot be overstated; nor can the importance of good journalistic coverage of this dynamic new area of science.

The Genome News Network (GNN) produces a lively and trusted online magazine that covers important developments in genomics research around the world. Our news coverage focuses on stories about genomics and human medicine, as well as the ways in which scientists are using genomics to find biological solutions to energy needs and environmental problems.

The sequencing of the human genome has captured the imagination of people everywhere, including writers and artists. GNN reviews novels and non-fiction books that explore genomics and related themes. GNN also features an “Art Gallery” of images or art inspired by the study of genes and genomes, an indication that this new science is already part of our popular culture.

The idea for GNN originated even before the human genome had been sequenced. The goal was to create an engaging and accessible news magazine about genomics that would advance the public understanding of science worldwide. The first issue of GNN was posted on the Web in March 2000.

Today, GNN is published by the J. Craig Venter Institute, in Rockville, Maryland, a not-for-profit institute founded in 2002.

Beyond news, GNN has genomics resources for scientists, educators, students, and the general public. GNN's online book, What’s A Genome?, is a lively introduction to genomics, and our Guide to Sequenced Genomes is an illustrated field guide to the more than 180 creatures whose genomes have been sequenced. Additional resources are below.

In November 2004, Genome News Network suspended bi-weekly publication while staff reporters undertake some new writing projects. GNN’s news and features will continue to be online, and we will continue to update the Guide to Sequenced Genomes.


Barbara J. Culliton, Editor-in-Chief
Edward R. Winstead, Managing Editor


GNN is HONcode accredited by the Health On the Net Foundation.


Genome News Network

GNN News — News and feature stories from the world of genomics.

“What’s A Genome?” — Everything you need to know about genomes.

A Quick Guide to Sequenced Genomes — An illustrated guide to fascinating creatures.

Bioethics Central — A guide to primary documents and resources in bioethics.

Genetics and Genomics Timeline — Landmark discoveries and the people who made them.

Stem Cells: Policies and Players — A survey of legislation and leading researchers.

Genomics Jargon — A glossary for everyone.


GNN Staff

Barbara J. Culliton

Edward R. Winstead
Managing Editor

Kate Ruder

Cheryl Simon Silver
Associate Editor

Birgit Reinert
Contributing Editor (Germany)


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