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Geneculture by Suzanne Anker

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The deciphering of the human genetic code and patterns of chromosomes are among the many themes of science and biology in the art of Suzanne Anker. "The chromosome, perhaps second only to the double helix, marks the twentieth century's iconic interest in the invisible," she observed 1996 in an article in Art Journal.

Suzanne Anker teaches art history and theory at New York's School of Visual Arts. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, and she is currently featured in Devices of Wonder at the Getty Museum in California, an exhibition that runs through February 3, 2002.

From Top to Bottom: Zoosemiotics, 1993; Difference and Repetition, 2000; Symbiotic Planet (Constellation), 2000; Sugar Daddy: The Genetics of Oedipus, 1992.

Current projects and more images can be viewed at geneculture

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