Genes whose average expression across voxels is significantly different in the normal compared to the Alzheimer's brain. (A) Graph showing mean expression levels across the 24 voxels in the normal and Alzheimer's hemisections on a logarithmic scale. Normal: red, Alzheimer's: blue. (B) Scatterplot comparing the mean expression differences between the normal and Alzheimer's disease brains based on the hemisection data and the replicate F1 voxel data. Expression differences are shown using the logarithm of the gene expression ratios between the normal and diseased specimens. The genes employed in the scatterplot are those judged significantly different when averaged across the whole hemisections and which are also present on the 5000 gene microarray used to analyze the replicate F1 voxels. (C) An example of the spatial expression pattern of a gene (YWHAH) whose expression is significantly greater in the normal compared to the Alzheimer's brain. The level of gene expression can be deduced by reference to the scale on the right. (D) YWHAH expression patterns after smoothing over voxels using imaging software, and projecting onto the relevant neuroanatomy. The resulting images were reflected along the midline for the figure, giving bilateral symmetry.

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