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Coffee cups and DNA

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Five artists have decorated coffee cups with messages about DNA. The cups were distributed in New York cafes and delis with the goal of stimulating public dialogue about the implications of genetics research for our daily lives. The work was commissioned by Creative Time, a public art organization based in New York, which has funded other projects on this topic. The cups will be part of the exhibition “Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics” at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington, which runs from April through August 2002.

Who owns your DNA? 2000 by Larry Miller

No More Disappointing Offspring! 2000 by Cary Leibowitz

No-Die. 2000 by Maira Kalman

No-Die. (back of cup) 2000 by Maira Kalman

Genetic Engineering Hits a Snag. 2000 by Roz Chast

Life is Much Simpler This Way... 2000 by Tom Tomorrow

More information on the artists and their work can be found online at the Henry Art Gallery “Creative Time: DNAid™ Cups.”

Birgit Reinert

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