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Genomics is News. It is often hyped. It can be difficult to understand. Sometimes it raises more questions than it can yet answer. But its importance to biology and medicine cannot be overstated; nor can the importance of good journalistic coverage of this dynamic area of science.

The Institute for Genomic Research is the new publisher of the Genome News Network (GNN), which produces a lively, trusted online magazine with informed coverage of important developments in genomic research around the world.

It was only six years ago that The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) reported the complete sequence of Haemophilus influenzae, the first free-living organism to be sequenced in its entirety. As everyone knows, the human genome was sequenced last year—a feat of such symbolic importance that it was announced at the White House. Within a remarkably short time, genomics developed the potential to transform the way science is done.

To date, we know the complete genome sequence of some fifty organisms, many of them of equal importance scientifically to the human sequence. The possibility of gaining new insights into biological function through comparative genomics (that is, comparing the genome sequence of one organism to another) will go a long way toward revealing information about genome function.

GNN was founded at Celera Genomics in 1999. We are pleased now to bring you our first edition from TIGR.

—Barbara J. Culliton, Editor-in-Chief

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