Circular representation of the S. typhi genome. The outer scale is marked in megabases. Circles range from 1 (outer circle) to 9 (inner circle). Circles 1 and 2, genes on forward and reverse strand; circles 3 and 4, genes conserved with E. coli; circles 5 and 6,genes unique to S. typhi with respect to E. coli; circle 7, pseudogenes; circle 8, G+C content; circle 9, GC bias ((G - C/G +C); khaki indicates values>1; purple <1). All genes are colour-coded by function: dark blue, pathogenicity/adaptation; black, energy metabolism; red, information transfer; dark green, membranes/surface structures; cyan, degradation of macromolecules; purple, degradation of small molecules; yellow, central/intermediary metabolism; light blue, regulators; pink, phage/IS elements; orange, conserved hypothetical; pale green, unknown function; brown, pseudogenes.

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