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The Geology of Biology
Genome-inspired art in London

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London has become the site of Britain's longest public work of art. The Geology of Biology, inspired by the sequencing of the human genome, was created by New York artist Jason Middlebrook.

The artwork, surrounding a building site in London's busy Euston Road, has been unveiled this month. Measuring 370 feet by 10 feet, the painting was digitally reproduced on panels and mounted on to the hoarding obscuring the British Wellcome Trust's new headquarters. It will be displayed until February 2002.

"What it's all about for me is for people to contemplate what's beneath the surface, not only the ground but the skin," the artist was quoted as saying. The painting depicts flying chromosomes, giant DNA strands, human cells, eggs and bits of plant life.

Details from The Geology of Biology

A rotating chromosome and other organic materials are brought to life through the online version of Middlebrook's artwork in a Flash player plugin, which is available from the Wellcome Trust's Website at here

Birgit Reinert

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Wellcome Trust celebrates human genome with giant 370-foot public artwork: on show from October 2001. Press release, The Wellcome Trust, London, UK (October 5, 2001).

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