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Art Gallery

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Art Gallery

Long winter days in the Canadian prairie may pass more quickly thanks to a new distraction. Canada’s national exhibition on DNA and genomics has arrived at the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina and will open its doors this weekend.

A view of the exhibition.

Designed to be a lively introduction to genomics for people of all ages, The Geee! in Genome is also meant to stimulate discussion about social, legal and ethical issues associated with genetics and genomics research.

The bilingual exhibition highlights Canadian scientific achievements and pays tribute to one of the nation’s most distinguished scientists, the late chemist Michael Smith. He won a Nobel Prize in 1993 for the discovery of a technique for making precise mutations in DNA.

The traveling exhibition was launched in April 2003 in Ottawa to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s helical structure. The show will visit about nine cities across Canada in three years. It will be at the Saskatchewan Science Centre through April 11, 2004.

For more information, visit The Geee! in Genome.

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— Birgit Reinert

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