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Y Underwear

By Birgit Reinert

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The British artist Abigail Fallis has created a series of men’s underwear embroidered with the Union Jack and humorous slogans. She used the Y-front style of underwear, which was originally launched in the 1930s by Jockey and appears to be making a fashion comeback.

Abigail Fallis. Lie back and think of England. Cotton, silk embroidery and felt (mounted and framed) 12" x 12" 2001.

“I chose the Y-front style pants because they are amusing for the British, and because of the Y chromosome of course they had to be for men,” says Fallis, referring to the sex chromosome carried exclusively by males.

“I wear them myself as they are jolly comfortable to lounge about in,” says Fallis. The underwear has been displayed in London’s Britart Gallery and, among other places, in the restrooms of a British hotel chain.

Abigail Fallis. Attention. Cotton, silk embroidery and felt (mounted and framed) 12" x 12" 2001.

When not designing fashion items, the London-based artist often works with metal. Among her recent works is a sculpture of DNA made of shopping carts, which was featured at GNN.

The underwear and other fashion items can be viewed online at, where they are also available for purchase.

Abigail Fallis, Cock Eyed Jack. Cotton, silk embroidery, felt and acrylic (mounted and framed) 12" x 12" 2000.

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All images are courtesy Abigail Fallis.

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