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December 15, 2000
Picturing the Fertile Genome:
New imaging technologies are predicting and improving the success of in vitro fertilization
Progress on cancer gene chip with prognostic potential:
Microarray technology may help predict 'intermediate risk' outcomes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
First complete plant genome yields bountiful harvest of genes:
Arabidopsis thaliana is sequenced by international collaboration
Variation in the RANTES gene increases risk of asthma and atopy
Snipping away at wild worms:
SNP collection in Hawaiian C. elegans strains
Genetics, Epidemiology, and Ethics: A Proposal for Curriculum Reform with an Introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
December 8, 2000
A Theory of Schizophrenia, Viruses and Pregnancy:
Millions of years ago, viruses hitched a ride on the primate genome. What a long, strange trip it's been.
Gene therapy successfully treats arrhythmia in pig hearts
Signs of aging in the fruit fly:
Drosophila study identifies changes in gene expression linked to age, stress
New virus offers gene therapy a boost
Polymorphism discovered years ago is linked to multiple sclerosis:
Mutation causes altered expression of the CD45 protein on surfaces of immune cells
December 1, 2000
Protein Structure Becomes Crystal Clear:
The National Institute of General Medical Sciences launches 10-year quest to determine the structures of 10,000 proteins
Hemochromatosis survey reveals disease-related conditions in relatives:
Findings 'emphasize the importance of screening relatives,' say researchers
Tracking the cause of Huntington's disease:
In mice with a human mutation, gender of embryo contributes to instability
Scientists uncover a new gene therapy-targeting strategy for treating head and neck cancers
Estrogen and heart disease in women:
Association between polymorphism in estrogen receptor gene and blood pressure
Medicine through a Genetic Lens with an introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
November 27, 2000
Fighting Tuberculosis One Gene at a Time:
Scientists are searching the M. tuberculosis genome for ways to disarm a virulent and persistent pathogen
Beyond bad parenting:
Attachment disorganization in infants is associated with a form of the DRD4 gene
Gene therapy succeeds in mouse and rat models of diabetes
Screening for genes linked to p53 and cell suicide:
Researchers use microarrays to compare the activity of 5,730 genes in tumor cells
Paradox for RANTES polymorphism:
SNP is associated with increased risk for HIV infection and delayed progression to AIDS
November 17, 2000
A Test of Nerves:
Tracking the elusive touch receptor across three genomes yields a gene required for sensing light touch
Knocking out 19,000 worm genes, one by one:
Researchers report data on functional analyses of the C. elegans genome
Insect germ warfare:
Scientists identify potential target used by Pyrrhocoris apterus to eliminate bacteria
Crystal structure of a gene regulator identified
An unlikely suspect:
Variants of the thrombospondin gene increase risk of premature heart attack
Abraham Lincoln's DNA, and Other Adventures in Genetics
By Philip R. Reilly
November 10, 2000
The Stuff That Finches are Made of:
A songbird's remarkable recovery from disease has scientists sequencing part of the finch genome
3-D structure of virus protein suggests new approach for drug design
Maspin gene as a marker for breast cancer relapse
Stem cells track tumors
Gene therapy promotes survival of brain tissue and preserves memory
Polymorphism in interleukin-4 gene linked to severity of joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
A Prescription for Gene Therapy: The First Cabo Gene Therapy Working Group with an introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
November 3, 2000
Populations and Polymorphisms:
Building the new science of environmental genomics
Strong immune response, polymorphisms in regulatory genes are linked to liver disease in heavy drinkers
Gene hunting in the eye of the fly:
New Drosophila model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1
Genes may modify risk of lead poisoning
New protein senses salt balance in vertebrates
SNPs reported in the nicotine receptor CHRNB2 gene:
No association found between polymorphisms and smoking or nicotine dependence
Are We Hardwired?: The Role of Genes in Human Behavior
By William R. Clark and Michael Grunstein
October 27, 2000
Battling Bacterial Resistance—Shooting for the Genes
Gene therapy rejuvenates brain-damaged areas in monkeys with Parkinson's disease
Precursors of addiction:
Genetic and environmental influences on adolescent drug use
Genome scans and maximum number of drinks consumed in 24 hours indicate alcoholism hotspot on chromosome 4
New gene therapy approach in mouse model of Parkinson's disease
Susceptibility polymorphisms for drug abuse:
Heroin addiction and variants of the DRD4 gene in a Chinese population
The Implications of Genetics for Health Professional Education (part one) with an introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
October 20, 2000
In South Africa, the Quagga Project Breeds Success:
Zebra breeding program creates offspring with traits of an extinct relative
Researchers use gene therapy to starve tumors
Neurospora genome to be sequenced thanks to grant from National Science Foundation
Researchers on the trail of a molecular pathway that may lead to lung cancer
Hutterites breathe new life into asthma research
The genetics of breathing free:
SNPs and the effectiveness of asthma medication
Cats Are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics
By Laura Gould
October 13, 2000
Researchers Spot A Region On Chromosome 10:
That May Be Associated with the Majority of Cases of Alzheimer's
New hope for cancer vaccines
Cystic fibrosis gene may be linked to sinus infections
Two neurodegenerative diseases linked to location on chromosome 9:
Researchers used genome scans to find region; gene is still at large
Subtleties of sight:
Polymorphism in APOE gene is linked to cognitive changes in middle age
Psychiatric genetics: Back to the future with an introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
October 6, 2000
Give and Take—Estonia's New Model for a National Gene Bank
Some like it salty:
Halobacterium genome sequenced
Gene determines tanning response and melanoma risk
Risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women with ancient mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2
Lethal genetic muscle disorder corrected using enzyme therapy
Anxiety from infancy to adolescence:
Polymorphisms in the serotonin transporter gene and temperament in children
Introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
A counterpoint review of Matt Ridley's Genome by Kevin Davies, Ph.D
September 29, 2000
Arrays Arrive in the Brain:
Profiling the molecular response to seizure in the mouse brain
Detecting mutations:
Current gene tests not enough, according to recent study
Thermoplasma acidophilum:
Living the hot, acidic life
Pinpointing a susceptibility gene for type 2 diabetes
Erasing the marks of age:
Making old DNA young
New method of SNP discovery
September 22, 2000
The DRD4 Gene: Psychiatry's Repeat Offender:
After a chance discovery, another polymorphism in the dopamine D4 receptor gene is linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Polymorphisms increase risk for Down syndrome
Deficiency in taste buds leaves mice craving sweets
Mitochondrial genes play role in male infertility
International effort to investigate immune-related genes
SNP chips used to study cancer progression
The Second Creation: Dolly and the Age of Biological Control by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell, and Colin Tudge
September 15, 2000
The Evolving Art of Arrays:
The molecular portraits of gene microarrays are creating new classifications of disease. Here come the protein arrays.
First evidence recessive gene plays role in Alzheimer's disease
Asthma susceptibility gene found in mice
Researchers reveal cholesterol control mechanisms
SNP in factor VII gene may be protective:
Variation might explain absence of myocardial infarction in some atherosclerosis patients
September 8, 2000
Where Quality Matters Most:
Chaperone genes, quality control and new views of disease
Gene therapy for hibernating hearts
Buchnera: the genomic evolution of a bacterium
Nerve rescuers:
Cells from pig snouts reverse spinal cord damage in rats
Mapping the pig genome
New protein identified in Alzheimer's disease:
Nicastrin may be involved in processing disease-related proteins
Book review of Genes, Peoples, and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza
September 1, 2000
Recipes for Perfection:
Genes, childhood and absolute pitch
Closing in on a new gene for breast cancer
Hypocretin deficiency may cause narcolepsy
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome:
Ubiquitous bacterium sequenced
August 25, 2000
Why Dervishes Whirl:
Sixty years later, scientists pinpoint the mutation behind a schoolboy's spinning, deaf mouse
Survivor in the human genome:
Proposed human pheromone receptor is expressed in olfactory tissue
Scientists link gene to tumor metastasis
Search for genetic variation in early-onset alcoholism
Sex and gender in the literature:
Trendy use of 'gender' in biology blurs cultural distinctions, satisfies few
Jumping into chromosome 2
Book review of French DNA: Trouble in Purgatory by Paul Rabinow
August 18, 2000
Mapping the Most Primal Sense:
Odorant receptors and scent discrimination in Drosophila
This little piggy goes to market, this little piggy is for transplants
Estrogen and heart disease in men:
Association between polymorphism and severity of disease
Genetic analysis of blood vessels and tumors hints at new targets for cancer therapy
August 11, 2000
The Redwood Genome:
Identifying redwood family trees sheds light on genetic variability
Tracing behavior to the brain:
A mutagenesis screen for psychiatric disease in mice
DNA shuffle leads to better virus
Discovery links BMPR2 gene to primary pulmonary hypertension
Icelanders, a diverse bunch?
A book review of The Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Larry Gonick and Mark Wheelis
August 4, 2000
Cholera Genome Sequenced:
Sequence of cholera genome paves wave to new therapy
Profiling the placenta
Gene expression in mouse embryonic and placental tissues
A leap in gene function discovery
Gene defect in Margarita islanders may protect against herpes infection
July 28, 2000
Seeds of a New Medicine:
Genes, plants, and edible vaccines
Defining timeless:
Non-circadian role for mouse gene
Fusing genes for better vaccines
Good genes—Bad genes
Genes, grapes and the "French paradox"
A book review of Richard Lewontin's
It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Genome and Other Illusions
July 21, 2000
Genetic Testing for Dogs
Insulin-producing cells grown in the lab offer hope to Type 1 diabetics
Growing up with divorce:
Evidence of genetic influence on child's adjustment
Perplexing X in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Scientists snare bear hair for DNA analysis
July 14, 2000
The Skin as Detoxifier
Rethinking imprinting:
Evidence of a common phenomenon in exotic pig cross
Gene therapy for beta-thalassemia successful in mice
Gene mutation linked to hypertension during pregnancy
Genome of bacteria Xylella fastidiosa, a threat to fruit and nut crops, is sequenced
Genetic super heroes save world!
Exciting "X-Men" explode on screen
June 30, 2000
Quirks of Genomic Disease:
Palindromes, hairpins, and breakpoints
Nano meets Bio technology and sees SNPs
The Pingelapese colorblind:
New gene identified to shed light on rare vision disorder
Cellular alchemy
The gene responsible for social memory
A review of Matt Ridley's Genome
June 23, 2000
The Pufferfish:
Clues to the human genome puzzle
Shielding the mother cells
Mark of a drinker:
Alcohol and the genome
Getting nervous
Genetic variant determines prognosis after heart attack
June 16, 2000
For the Love of Blood
Meaningless sex:
Hens eject sperm; roosters are clueless
Combining register data with genetic analyses for research on mental illness
Provoking panic:
Anxiety, psychology, and genetics
Cataracts: Genes vs. age and environment
A review of Bernd Heinrich's
The Mind of the Raven
June 9, 2000
An excerpt from Robin Marantz Henig's
The Monk in the Garden: The Lost and Found Genius of Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics
with an Introduction by Barbara J. Culliton
Renaissance cells:
Stem cells build tissue, fight tumors
Mistakes of the father:
Repair genes and infertility
Are self-replicating DNA elements helping plants adapt?
Clickable genomics:
Plans for virtual plant posted
June 2, 2000
Riches of the Brain Bank:
Seeking clues to mental illness, gene hunters discover proteins
Genetic inheritance may not be key to vast majority of childhood cancers
Gene therapy for brain tumors
Genetic surgery for muscular dystrophy in golden retrievers
The Spanish flu suspect:
Genes point to birds
Sequencing the Genome (primer)
May 26, 2000
Silencing of the Genes
How many human genes?
The royal genome:
Swiss prize funds study of aging in ants
Gene modifies effect of estrogen on cognitive decline
Bad combination:
Neuroticism, a gene, and cigarettes
May 19, 2000
Genes and Antibiotic Resistance
Mutation associated with decreased breast cancer risk for women under 50
Genes hold the key for transplant recipients
High cholesterol in young black males:
Genetic effect appears, then seems to disappear
Damaging the PKA gene drives mice to drink
May 12, 2000
A Suicide Gene:
Is there a genetic cause for suicide?
Gene expression in Huntington's disease
Boundaries between species
Feedback loops:
How genomes mark time
Butterflies at the Academy:
New panel hears testimony on biotech foods; Varmus is co-chair
Mechanism of yeast telomerase enzyme revealed
May 5, 2000
Unstable Genomes and Cancer:
Eleven thousand mutations
Round two on genetic testing:
More public comment sought on oversight policy
Genetic testing for bipolar disorder:
A positive response to hypothetical questions
Appetite gene suspected in pigs
April 28, 2000
Mapping the Horse:
Targeting disease, scientists leave speed and endurance to breeders
Impressive's Flaw:
Muscle disease traces to popular sire
All the Pretty Horses:
Coat color genes at work
New method of gene therapy used to treat hemophilia B in mice
Proteome analysis may aid in diabetes research
Island mice may evolve faster:
From one species to six
Obsessive compulsive disorder: family members at higher risk
April 21, 2000
Is There a Gene for Shyness?
Take the Shyness Quiz
Mood, food, and anxiety:
The serotonin transporter gene
Gene links to heart health
Cats and humans share similar X and Y chromosomes
Genetic code for Listeria bacteria discovered
Gene plus exercise may reduce risk of coronary heart disease
Europeans can be traced to seven clans founded by seven women
April 14, 2000
What Makes Plants Grow?
The Arabidopsis genome knows
SHATTERPROOF genes in Arabidopsis are good news for agriculture
DOE sequencing chromosomes 5, 16 and 19
Gene mutation affects the course of rheumatoid arthritis
A tip for finding elusive genes: use less bait
Mutated ion channel linked to progressive hearing loss
Genomic catalog of bladder tumors may aid diagnosis and therapy
Abdominal aneurysms: The first step in curing a disease: meet and talk
April 7, 2000
Sex Differences and Gene Expression in Autoimmune Disease
Estrogen's Protective Power Reaches the Brain
Images of Imprinting
Sex matters: Gender-based medical research
People with Down syndrome appear to have genes that protect against cancer
Genes and migraines
National Research Council urges greater regulation of genetically modified plants
Birth control for cockroaches
Highlights from the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research
March 31, 2000
Investigating George C. Scott's Killer
"Gene chip" studies of aging genes
A mutation in the ATM gene may increase the risk of breast cancer
Genes may influence how much you smoke
Building a better silkworm with piggyBac
Mutant clock gene keeps fruit flies going
Ancient DNA may hold clue to HIV resistance
Learning our ABCs: The bacteria that cause meningitis
March 24, 2000
The Humanized Fly
A fruitful collaboration
Assembling the genome
Exploring Parkinson's disease, with a little help from flies
Bacteria use quick-switch genes to dodge host defenses
New genome sequence focuses search for type B meningitis vaccine
Defect in desmin gene responsible for distinct muscle disorder
Researchers save oldest tree in Europe
Odors evoke musical tunes
A special crop - wine with a barley gene