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December 21, 2001
The Genome of Agrobacterium tumefaciens:
A plant pathogen with a talent for transferring genes
Finished sequence of human chromosome 20
The miniature genome of Oikopleura dioica
New map of the zebrafish genome
How a parasite changes its molecular coat
Using molecular tools to diagnose cancer
Antibiotics from a microbe: The genome of an industrial organism
Two studies on schizophrenia and motion perception
Fighting crown gall disease
Poinsettias for the Holidays
December 7, 2001
Genes and Parkinson’s:
Recent findings hint at genetic role in Parkinson’s in older patients
SNP survey finds surprising similarity in humans worldwide
A new map of SNPs in the fly
New type of leukemia identified
Genetic mutation protects against malaria
Space and cancer agencies collaborate on nanoscale sensors
Reduced and specialized: The genome of the parasite E. cuniculi
Standards proposed for gene expression data
Targeting microbes
Mosquitoes of Southeastern Australia
Artistic insights into the life sciences
November 23, 2001
Mapping the Dog:
What the human genome sequence can do for dogs. And vice versa.
Cody Bear and New York City's Faithful:
Rescue dog affected by September 11 trauma
Testing hypotheses about genes using genomic and proteomic data
RESOURCERER: A resource database for DNA microarrays
Sulfolobus tokodaii: A genome from Japan
Two imprinted genes identified using DNA microarrays
DNA microarrays used to profile kidney cancer
A reference for the human genome: The Tetraodon pufferfish sequence
Dictyostelium discoideum
Dictyostelium : A model system in motion
Tetraodon: A pufferfish aquarium
November 9, 2001
Watching Genomes Work:
A technology called TraSH asks, What do all these genes do?
Scientists define structures Salmonella use to invade cells
A lean model genome: The Japanese pufferfish is sequenced
New sequencing strategy details repetitive structures linked to infertility
The amount of gray matter matters:
Brain maps reveal how genetic differences influence brain structure
An automated system for classifying related proteins by structure
Modified tomato plants silence the genes of invaders
Gene candidate mapped for late-onset Parkinson's disease
Mitochondrial genomes of animals
Genetic Maps of Brain Structure by Paul Thompson
October 26, 2001
Genes on Alert:
Genomics and the Fight Against Infection
Structures and targets of the anthrax bacterium
Heat resistant: The P. fumarii genome is sequenced
Insights into genome evolution: The sequence of Rickettsia conorii
Two sequenced Salmonella genomes
New model of Huntington's disease
New gene identified for inherited form of ALS
Genetics in the olive grove
Using human DNA sequence, scientists identify mutation for cattle disease
More on Anthrax
Exploring Molecular Worlds by Hunter O'Reilly
October 12, 2001
Targeted Drug Discovery:
A novel screen for potential cancer drugs
From stomach bug to blood-borne pathogen:
The genome sequence of the plague bacterium
Streptococcus pneumoniae strain R6 is sequenced
Endangered wild sheep clone reported to be healthy
Carrier screening for cystic fibrosis offered
What's missing: New software analyzes genomes
The Geology of Biology:Genome-inspired art in London
September 28, 2001
The Big Picture:
Optical maps guide shotgun sequencing from start to finish
Mountains of data: A three-dimensional C. elegans gene expression map
Human imprinted gene lies within non-imprinted gene
Transgenic white clover as oral vaccine against shipping fever
Chromosome 'capping': Study finds differences in human telomeres
Stress worsens stroke outcome by affecting gene expression
Genomics is News
August 20, 2001
The Success Story of Gene Tests :
After 30 years, the Tay-Sachs screening program has lessons to share
Genomewide screen for autism points to chromosomes 2, 7, and 16
Hunting for bipolar genes in patients who respond to lithium
Researchers identify major freckle gene
Genome scans for type 2 diabetes confirm potential hotspot
Catalase SNP linked to blood pressure
Tay-Sachs screening
August 6, 2001
Building a Better Gene Trap:
Researchers improve technique for large-scale studies of gene function in mice
In symbiosis with alfalfa: The complex genome sequence of Sinorhizobium meliloti
‘Arrays of arrays’ promise more efficient gene expression profiles
Yeast proteome microarray developed
A repeated case: Expansions in RNA cause myotonic dystrophy
Genetic diversity in maize: SNP survey of chromosome 1
Trapping Genes
July 23, 2001
Sugar Transporters and Foreign DNA:
The sequenced Streptococcus pneumoniae genome
Mycoplasma pulmonis: The genome of a minimalist
Profiling gene expression in the mouse hippocampus
DNA microarrays used to compare strains of Staphylococcus aureus
Banana genome in five years
SNPs in the IGF2 gene are associated with body weight in adults
New tools, old pathogen
July 9, 2001
Trafficking in Cholesterol: Investigating the Human ABCA1 Gene
Life at very high temperatures: The genome of Sulfolobus solfataricus is sequenced
Listeria genome sequence as basis for improving food safety
Evolutionary forces in the human and mouse genomes:
Researchers compare human chromosome 19 and related regions in the mouse
Predicting gene function based on fusion events
Out of the loop: New evidence for the complexity of biological clocks in mice
Tangier disease
June 25, 2001
Setting the Record Straight :
Two studies find no evidence that humans have acquired genes directly from bacteria
Early view of the Porphyromonas gingivalis genome
New evidence for Alzheimer's gene on chromosome 10
DNA microarrays used to investigate how proteins bind DNA
Using E. coli gene arrays to explore genome of the tsetse fly microbe Wigglesworthia glossinidia
Cross-species transmission of prion disease: A study of factors influencing incubation periods in mice
Evolution and genomics
June 11, 2001
The Homophila Database: Screening the Fly Genome for Human Disease Genes
Mutations in SH3BP2 cause cherubism
Small study shows non-viral gene therapy for hemophilia A is safe
Classifying cancers with DNA microarrays and artificial neural networks
Common mutations of the PTEN gene are linked to earliest stages of endometrial cancer
No evidence for the ‘horizontal’ transfer of genes from bacteria to humans
The power of Drosophila genetics
June 4, 2001
The Bone Builders:
Scientists are developing stem cell and gene therapies to repair fractures and treat bone loss
Mutations in the keratin 8 gene linked to liver disease
Genome screens for asthma:
Researchers consider multiple susceptibility factors simultaneously
Gene variants accelerate progression to AIDS
Beyond polymorphisms: Genome scans and prion disease in mice
Genes, scaffolds and cells for bone repair
May 28, 2001
Streams of Data: Scientists are using DNA sequencers in efforts to conserve species of Pacific salmon
Researchers transform tomato with Petunia gene
Researchers annotate mouse microarray used in studies of early development
Acquiring oncogenes through horizontal transfer
Mutations in the human gD crystallin gene trigger cataract formation
Variant of agouti-related protein linked to anorexia nervosa
Saving salmon
May 21, 2001
Researchers Challenge Recent Claim That Humans Acquired 223 Bacterial Genes During Evolution
Gene therapy researchers repair rather than replace damaged genes
Gene therapy may protect donated organs from injury
Polymorphisms in clotting factors
A SNP in the prohibitin gene may modify breast cancer susceptibility
Lateral gene transfer
May 14, 2001
Beyond Insomnia: Strategies of Circadian Genomics
Genetic evidence suggests European migrants may have influenced the origins of India's caste system
Borrowing from bacteria: Incorporating an E. coli gene into pigs could reduce the environmental impact of swine production
The glycome project:
A sugar-coated proposal
Microarrays reveal differences among types of primary pulmonary hypertension
Study shows thrombomodulin variation associated with increased risk for heart disease in African Americans
Circadian rhythms and human medicine
May 7, 2001
The Legacy of Solid Gold:
Comparing human and sheep genomic sequences reveals six imprinted genes at the callipyge locus
How to build a kidney
Genome screen for rheumatoid arthritis:
More evidence of shared risk factors with other autoimmune diseases
Identifying disease-causing nonsense mutations throughout the genome
Gene therapy rescues nerve degeneration in diabetic rats and rabbits
New assay identifies SNPs in the MDR1 gene: implications for individualized drug therapies
Genomic imprinting
April 30, 2001
On the Trail of Anxious Mice:
Mouse data provide targets for genome screens in human anxiety disorders
Gene therapy restores vision in blind dogs
Sequence of the human CYP3A locus: Genetic variability and drug responsiveness
Transforming a bacterial protein into a zinc 'biosensor'
The role of the MUC 1 mucin gene in infertility
Variations in the penA gene of Neisseria meningitidis increases penicillin resistance
April 23, 2001
Snapshots of Genomic Evolution:
Microarrays reveal an ancient pathogen adapting to life in San Francisco
In search of the sweet-tooth gene
French scientists sequence the genome of a bacterium vital for cheese production
Genomes of two drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains are sequenced
Mapping a cancer hotspot in the rat genome
Polymorphisms in DNA repair gene XPD may increase risk of skin cancer
Microarrays and comparative genomics
April 16, 2001
New Clues: Could Viruses or Myelin, the Fatty Insulation Surrounding Nerves, Play a Role in Schizophrenia?
Genome sequence of Streptococcus pyogenes, the flesh-eating bacterium
First tests to use gene therapy for rheumatoid arthritis show it to be safe
Men have biological clocks too: Father's age linked to risk of schizophrenia
Gene variant affecting metabolism cuts risk of childhood leukemias
Narcolepsy may be caused by a mutation in the prepro-orexin gene
April 9, 2001
We Are Not Alone: Harnessing the Invisible World of Microbes Within Us:
New approach to gene therapy uses symbiotic microbes to deliver genes
Converting Symbiotic Microbes into Vaccine Vectors
Sexuality and the C. albicans sequence:
Genomic evidence for a complete sexual cycle in the pathogen Candida albicans
Variant of a collagen gene affects bone strength, correlates to fracture risk
New framework map of the rat genome
Variant of the angiotensin II type 2 receptor gene alters heart structure
Microarrays reveal patterns of Y chromosome variation
March 26, 2001
The Fly’s Sensational Sequence:
Columbia University and Celera researchers use bioinformatics and genomics to uncover taste receptors in Drosophila
New role for the APC gene in chromosome segregation and stability
Gene expression in regenerating sea stars
Genome sequence of the bacterium Caulobacter crescentus
The a globin gene cluster:
Comparing human, chicken, mouse, and pufferfish sequences
cSNP analysis of the ABCA1 gene: Common variant lowers risk for coronary artery disease
GNN Genomes:
A Selection of Sequenced Organisms 2000-2001
March 19, 2001
Test Case for Genetic Testing:
Population-based screening for cystic fibrosis mutations is coming. Are we ready?
Directed evolution predicts antibiotic resistance
Toward global gene expression profiles: The RIKEN '19K' mouse arrays
Microarrays identify strain-specific features of Helicobacter pylori that influence stomach inflammation
Recommendations for population-based cystic fibrosis carrier screening
Gene variant of the androgen receptor associated with male pattern baldness
March 12, 2001
Toxic Triggers: Genes, Pesticides, and Parkinson's Disease
Genome sequence of Pasteurella multocida
"The Trials and Triumphs of Gene Therapy":
A talk by Inder Verma at Washington University School of Medicine
Target genes for antifungal drugs
Scientists identify four genes associated with brain cancer
Serotonin and the seasons:
Polymorphism in 5-HT2A receptor gene is associated with seasonal depression
Deafness in the literature
March 5, 2001
Between Genes and Proteins:
After DNA, scientists face the complex world of RNA
Optical imaging of blood vessel formation in live mice:
New model for testing angiogenesis inhibitors
Gene therapy reduces cancer in knockout mouse model:
Stomach cancer in mice responds to doses of human tumor-suppressor gene
Scientists use targeted methylation and microarrays to map locations of DNA binding proteins
Novel human clotting factor identified:
Human gene resembles mouse counterpart linked to miscarriages and transplant rejection
cSNPs on chromosome 21
February 26, 2001
A Theme among Brain Diseases:
'Stuttering' genes can lead to the loss of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord
Huntington's Researchers Get a New Mouse:
Mice have symptoms of neurological disease; Huntington gene has 150 DNA repeats
Genomics of salt-induced hypertension:
Researchers identify chromosome regions of interest in mice, humans, and rats
Effects of gene therapy seen in aging monkeys:
Shrinking neurons respond to injections of human growth factor
Genome of bacterium that causes leprosy is sequenced
Genes that respond to fatty diet may portend obesity
Mutation in the SCN5A sodium-channel gene slows heart rate
February 12, 2001
One Gene, Many Proteins:
Ultimately it will be necessary to measure mRNA in specific cell types to demonstrate the presence of a gene
Genomes, Proteomes, and Medicine:
Opportunities in Medical Science in the 21st Century
Whose genome is it anyway?
The landscape of the genome: deserts, islands and oases
Making predictions about the proteome:
Using fly and worm data, computers classify human proteins by function
Don't despair. You have at least twice as many genes as a fruit fly.
Sizing up genomes: Amoeba is king
Reasons for the size of a genome and the number of genes are not clear
A little variation is the spice of life: SNPs
February 2, 2001
Paranoid but Popular:
Mutant mouse-ear cress offers insight into natural plant resistance
Region of chromosome 22 linked to bipolar disorder, again:
Same region may contain susceptibility gene(s) for schizophrenia
New gene linked to juvenile diabetes
Scientists identify susceptibility gene for prostate cancer on chromosome 17
A new animal model for prostate cancer
Genetic marker found for severe ulcerative colitis
The Promise of Muta-genomics:
Joseph H. Nadeau considers the feasibility of developing large-scale mouse mutagenesis surveys
January 26, 2001
A Fatal Flaw in the Hearts of Children:
Scientists identify a gene involved in the sudden cardiac deaths of healthy children
Mosaic blood vessels:
Implications for drug delivery, metastasis and cancer therapy
Another use for jellyfish gene:
Tracking the spread of cancer
Resisting insulin:
A new hormone may be the link between obesity and type II diabetes
Researchers sequence strain of E. coli linked to disease:
Bacterial genome is compared to that of a harmless laboratory strain
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and mental illness:
Mutations in the prion gene are not associated with schizophrenia in Taiwanese population
January 16, 2001
Many Questions, Multiple Choices:
A Survey of GeneticTesting in the Real World
Introducing ANDi: The first genetically modified monkey
Estrogen in the male brain:
Sexual behavior is abolished in male mice without estrogen-receptor genes
Investigating cholesterol:
Scientists identify genes linked to sitosterolemia; study finds influence of familial traits on response to diet
New platelet receptor identified:
Gene may be potential target for anti-clotting drugs
Researchers identify polymorphisms that influence homocysteine levels
Defenders of the Truth: The Battle for Science in the Sociobiology Debate and Beyond.
By Ullica Segerstråle
January 5, 2001
Genes, Mother's Milk and Diabesity:
Scientists map genome interactions and detect influence of mother's milk on obesity-induced diabetes
Cell factories slow growth and shrink brain tumors
Microarray technology identifies genes controlled by master switches:
Techniques to be tested on 200 circuits in yeast
The metabolome provides clues to gene function
Production of two proteins encourages spinal cord regeneration
High-throughput profiling of sequence variation in a single gene:
Association between substance dependence and version of µ opioid receptor gene